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Off Grid

Nicking off for a couple of days, off the grid, with no phone reception, a tiny house in a secret location far far away – somewhere beautiful in nature, and at the same time helping farmers earn a bit of extra cash.

Melbourne University social entrepreneur, Joep Pennartz, found it fairly simple: to get his idea off the ground, raise enough money using crowdfunding. After a beaut holiday with his girlfriend in Warburton, Victoria, the tiny little shack they stayed in seemed like a perfect solution to a couple of things on his mind. The first was recognising the struggle for Australian farmers to make enough cash and the second was a passion for the concept of “living small” – with less clutter and distraction. His concept addressed both. A pre-built tiny house or “Shacky”, which could be transported to a working farm and used as holiday accommodation for “city people” to get a taste of a simpler life while the rent helped the host farmer.

Article by: Green Magazine, Jenny Lyon

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