Shacky Hosts & Landowners


Submit your Property

Put your property on the map with your very own Shacky! We're in search of the best properties across Australia. Lush fields? Vast rivers? Dense forest? Coastal views? If you have a beautiful piece of land that you'd like to share with the world, we want to hear from you!


Become a Host

Once your property has been approved, we'll get in touch and send you more information on how to place an order and purchase your very own Shacky. From there let's get your permits on the way and your Shacky built so you can get hosting.


Earn with Shacky

As a Shacky Host & owner, you become your own boss and earn an easy income as we handle all aspects of advertising, marketing and communication as well as booking and accounting. You can also earn a little extra if you have an onsite or local adventure you’d like to share with your guests.


Join our community

When you partner with Shacky, you become part of our growing community of passionate hosts and eager guests. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience that brings people and amazing locations together. We love working with and supporting our hosts to continue delivering an exceptional service. We look forward to welcoming you onboard.



Can I buy a Shacky

Yes, if you have a unique property surrounded by nature and want to be part of our network and buy your very own Shacky , its possible and we’d love to hear from you.Please follow the link to submit your property, once accepted we will contact you with more informations.

Can I buy a Shacky for personal use

We’re sorry but at this stage Shacky is a commercial business and we only provide it as an accomodation solution to host willing to join our network with goals to rent their Shacky to our guests.

Do I need permits to operate a Shacky or a tiny house

Yes only permit proof properties will be able to buy a Shacky, but don’t worry we have a team of planners ready to assist you with all your application.


How do I apply to be a host?

Follow this link and fill out the questions on the form. Or click on ‘HOST’ at the top of the page to learn more, with the option to apply at the bottom of the page.

How long does it take to get a Shacky ?

once your application has been review and is successful and your permits proof , it take about 3 months to get a Shacky ready to operate on your property

How long does it take to install?

All Shackys are fully prefabricated and will be transported and completely installed within a single day.

How many Shacky’s can I host ?

You can host as many Shacky’s as you want, as long as your property caters for it and we plan together the offering you want to offer to our guests. 


I want it faster, is that possible ?

By the time you get all your permits , application is processed and we build your customised Shacky a time-frame of less than 3 months would be very difficult but it can be done. 

What does being a host entail?

Greeting the guests, cleaning the Shacky between stays and being friendly and helpful if guests require any help.

What is a Shacky

A Shacky is a premium off the grid eco pod accomodation, that has been Architecturally design in Melbourne Australia. With mission to offer landowners an opportunity to monetise and share their unused Land  with adventure seekers looking to escape the daily grid and reconnect with nature.

What sort of property is Shacky looking for?

While there are a number of requirements we expect of the property – like water and road access, there is no set criteria for what type of property it is. As long as you’ve got an amazing property, we want to hear from you!

Why Shacky and why join Shacky ?

Shacky is not just a tiny house eco-lodge , we aim to be the largest growing new style accomodation offering in Australia. We offer our hosts a turn key solution so all you have to do is keep your Shacky ready for your next guests. Shacky is a way of life , a business and a great way to make the best out of unused land you own.