Collaboration & partnership with Shacky


Tell us about your Product or service

Like what we do? Then we want to hear from you. Whether you are a brand whose values align with ours or you are a business that wants to showcase your product with Shacky, we are always open to working with other like-minded brands


Are you a journalist or blogger?

Willing to write an article about shacky, want to list us on your website or simply hear more about how it all came together, shoot us an email and we'd happily share the Shacky love with you!


Did you say photographer and or Influencer?

As the saying goes ``an image is worth a thousand words``, we always appreciate having nice imagery of our Shacky, get in touch and we can hook you up with a Shacky visit and perhaps work together to bring amazing shots to the public!


Lets work together

Whether you are a journalist, a small business, a bigger brand or simply a legend that wants to work together, drop us a line and let's see if we can work something out. We are always happy to promote your products or services as we believe that sharing is caring!



Can I work with Shacky ?

You tell us , we are always open to collaborate! If you have a product ,  a service , or simply an idea you want to share with us, simply get in touch as we are always keen to work with like minded people.

How does this work ?

Union is power, let’s help each other , work together , promote one another , grow together , that’s what we would like , share the love and together we can be stronger , better and smarter. 

What’s in for me ?

We show case your brand, product , services or what ever it is you offer to our guests , clients and followers, we can work the details together and we are open to any ideas you might have, its good be fair for everyone and most importantly fun and worth it.

Whats a Collaborator ?

You got something you want to share with us and potentially work with us , let’s start collaborating and work together on it. Wether its a product and items a service, tangible , intangible or what ever comes to your mind please don’t hesitate to get in touch we open to most things.