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We promote your property on social medias, organise Collabs for you and we organise professional photography to help showcase your hidden gem.


Our passionate support team is on call to assist you, whether you need help with a booking or just have a question.We’re here for our hosts.


Connect with our community of hosts and guests. We curate our platform to offer like minded guests a way to book your unique Shacky getaway.

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Think stylish and unique getaway, we provide designer getaways secluded in Nature.

Curated and niche we endorse like-minded hosts and offer them a better way to list their property.

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Hundreds of people have already booked on Shacky, with some of our properties achieving 75-95% occupancy year round.

Our Community of Nature lover, explorer and weekend adventurers are constantly looking for new getaways and are ready to book yours .

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ur experience of running a successful getaway has help us identify the key needs of a host.

We constantly update our platform and services to make the experience seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for gift cards.

Shacky was started with goal to create a unique getaway offering to the Australian market after years of growth and great success hosting our very own Eco friendly Cabin getaway. We have now decided to open our platform to like minded hosts who like us would like to share their hidden gems to a curated market.

From designing, to building, to hosting we have know what it is to be a property owner, we have been in your boots from A to Z , we offer the know-how and expertise we have gather. Additionally we thrive to keep on increasing our services so that you can relax and host in outmost simplicity.

If your property is selected to be on Shacky or Shacky endorsed, listing with us is free we simply take a commission on each booking.

We’re looking for unique properties and hosts, here are some of our important marks:

  • Off the Grid elements
  • Be hospitable and enthusiastic host.
  • Offer a property located in Nature and connected to nature.
  • Be willing to join Shacky.
  • Hosts that our proud and excited to share their unique offering.

Fill in the above form , tell us more about yourself and your property and why you’d like to be part of Shacky.

If selected we will send you more details and start the process to make you a shacky host.

We charge our hosts a % fee on each booking made through our platform.This one will depend on the model that is chosen and how we work together.

A booking fee which goes toward hosting our platform , marketing , admin costs, accounting , payment gateway fees, rental of cabin if that model is chosen and providing you with a seamless service as a host.

We handpick our hosts and properties.

Unfortunately not all properties can fit the getaway profile Shacky is looking to offer.

We aim to represent hosts and properties who adhere to our ethos and or to our checklist.

Ready to start hosting your unique getaway with Shacky. Click the Apply now link above and send us your details.

One of our team members will review your details and get in touch with you if your application is successful.

Please be patient as we have an overwhelming demand.

Yes we are aiming to do so, we work with local architects and builders to provide a range of models that host can choose from and host on their property.

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