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Host Submission Form

  • Host Property Details

    Please tell us about you and your property.
  • Property Details

  • What sort of property do you own?
  • What are the main things that would attract guests to your property?
  • Why would you like a Shacky on your property?
  • Describe any experience you've had renting out accommodation?
  • How secluded is the spot you have in mind for the Shacky?
  • Is the spot you have in mind for the Shacky accessible for a semi truck?
  • Can pressurised water be connected to the Shacky?
  • What is the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating of your property?
  • Sorry, your location is not suitable for a Shacky due to fire danger.
  • When would you be able to start hosting a Shacky?
  • Property Images

    Please submit a selection of images that best showcase your property, its views and the potential spot you have in mind for the Shacky.
  • Note: images must be 2MB or less.