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Are Shackys only available in Australia?

At the moment yes.

How many people can stay in a Shacky?

Our first Shacky in the Olive Grove can host only two people. However our latest Shacky models in the Yarra Valley and Grampians can host up to three people. Some locations can even host your pets.

Is Shacky pet friendly?

The pet friendliness of each Shacky really depends on the host, so make sure to check this on the listing for your property of choice!

What is Shacky

Shacky are hand picked Cabins, Ecolodges and or small off-grid homes located in regional Australia,  we seek to Escape the daily grind, Explore Australians hidden gems and  Experience a unique stay.

What’s included?

Your Shacky comes completely self-sufficient. Fresh linen, bath towels, biodegradable shower products and wood for the stove.

For the full list of amenities and optional extras such as hampers and other goodies, you can find out on the booking page of your chosen Shacky!

Where are the Shackys?

The exact location of your Shacky getaway will be given to your with your Booking Confirmation email , make sure to check the link to our guest guide once you’ve made a booking. .

However, the general location will be provided in the listings on the booking page, so you’ll always know how far you’re going.

Will the host be around during my stay?

While your host maybe be there to greet you and hand over the keys, they will be out of sight during the duration of your stay. Our hosts respect guests’ privacy but will always be on hand if needed.

More information about this can be found on our guests guides.

Will there be phone reception?

Shacky properties have been carefully handpicked to showcase only the most amazing of Australian landscapes. Because they are in regional areas the phone reception can be limited.

The Shacky also features no wifi, so guests really get to disconnect, have a digital detox and connect with nature or those who matter!

Rest assured our hosts live nearby and if anything is needed can be contacted easily and or can contact you at anytime for important or emergency reasons.