Covid19 Safety

Important notice to our guests
“Despite the challenges of 2020 and late 2019, we’d like to recognise how grateful we are that you have booked a getaway with Shacky.
Our top priority is your safety, the guests after you, our hosts and the communities that we are a part of.
On our end we take all precautions to make sure your Shacky is cleaned and sanitised as per Covid19 Safety guidelines.
We would ask you that If anyone in your party has tested positive to COVID-19 or are showing mild symptoms in the lead up to your stay, we ask you to not risk the safety of those staying at Shacky after you and let us know. We will happily reschedule your stay with no extra charges.”
Additionally we recommend the following steps to keep everyone safe; Remember to wear your mask when needed
Sanitise and clean your hands appropriately
Practise social distancing
Please make sure to follow Covid19 Government regulations when attending a stay at Shacky. Making sure you keep informed and respect Government guidelines.
We highly recommend downloading the Covid Safety App.
If you are to be infected during your stay please inform appropriate authorities as well as Shacky staff so we can organise accordingly.
Please make sure you follow all health and safety Covid announcements made by the Government, for more information check following websites: