Shacky in the Press: The Urban List There is a range of different ways to get out of the city and into Victoria’s amazing regional areas. You can hit up some cottages and cabins to get away from it all, you can go camping, you can find an Airbnb that’s up your alley—but better yet, why not stay in a tiny […]

Shacky in the press: Beat Magazine

The best bookable tiny houses near Melbourne It’s time to unwind as we take a look at 10 of the coolest bookable tiny houses in Victoria, all a day-trip from Melbourne. A tiny house is so much cooler than a regular house. Despite their small size, tiny homes are a big trend. Tiny homes are […]

Shacky in the press: Broadsheet 2021 While some weekends call for luxury hotels in the heart of the city, others require seclusion and nature. The former is dominated by international accommodation chains and big booking sites, but for the latter? Local start-ups tracking down spots around Australia that deliver lush, unspoilt beauty so you can get away from the daily […]

Shacky in the Press: Fortemag

Eight of the most unique, off-grid holidays in regional Victoria Put your feet up and enjoy life in the slow lane. If you’ve spent the last few years staring at a computer and phone screen while trying to stay connected to the loved ones in your life, you might be ready to indulge in a […]

Shacky in the Press: Bless This Stuff Looking for a unique getaway that takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Look no further than Shacky Cabins. Born out of the vision of a group of like-minded friends, Shacky offers an antidote to the ordinary, providing unforgettable experiences in Australias most stunning locations. What started as a […]

Shacky in the Press: Concrete Playground Shacky are pint-sized, solar-powered dwellings situated on picturesque private properties, surrounded by stunning countryside and absolutely no mobile reception. In other words, stay at one of these and you’ll have no choice but to switch off. That way, you can focus on what matters — lazing about in a queen-sized bed, finding total relaxation […]

Shacky in the press: Concrete Playground May 2020 There’s only one way to escape — and we mean really escape — in today’s continuously connected world, and that’s travelling far beyond the reach of text messages, emails, Facebook notifications and the stresses of modern life. The good news is, you don’t have to go all the way to the depths of the […]

Shacky in the Press: Green Magazine

Off Grid Nicking off for a couple of days, off the grid, with no phone reception, a tiny house in a secret location far far away – somewhere beautiful in nature, and at the same time helping farmers earn a bit of extra cash. Melbourne University social entrepreneur, Joep Pennartz, found it fairly simple: to […]

Shacky in the press: Concrete Playground Five Remote Cabins Outside Of Melbourne Where You Can Go Off The Grid These spots have no Wi-Fi, no electricity, and nothing between you and your greatest nature fantasies. Bring a book, not your laptop. Article By: Concrete Playground, Libby Curran

Shacky in the press: Birdgehls Ever wanted to spend the night in a tiny house? Well, you can do just this in the state of Victoria in Australia, where an enterprising company Shacky has partnered with farms to create homestays in a fully-equipped, eco-friendly little cabins. Read on to find out more about this fun and sustainable travel experience […]

Shacky in the press: Broadsheet Video Throw your bags in the boot and head north to the Victorian High Country. First stop is Mount Buffalo Lookout for a picnic to end all picnics. You’ll abseil over the cliff’s edge to dine on a portaledge 300 metres above the valley floor. Tomahawks is like an edgy bit of Melbourne dining in […]

Shacky in the press: Timeout magazine Time Out says Find out why the tiny house movement is taking off at this off-the-grid getaway in regional Victoria There’s a simple pleasure in waking up to the sound of magpies, with sunlight streaming in through gaps in the curtains. It gets even better when you realise that today, there will be no […]

Shacky in the press: The Urban List We all love escaping reality, there’s nothing better than logging off on a Friday arvo and forgetting about work for a couple of days—it’s only made better when you’re heading out of town for the weekend, and this is where Shacky comes in. Shacky have just finished off their first tiny house, which can […]

Shacky in the Press: Broadsheet Tiny houses are cropping up on farms across regional Victoria – homes placed there by one man: Andrew Hubbard. Hubbard is the CEO of a relatively new company called Shacky. It’s kind of like Airbnb, but while you will find a comfortable bed, you won’t find wi-fi. At Shacky, internet and phone use is […]

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