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Cancellation policy

Table of Contents

1 Cancellation policy requirements

2 Cancellation options

All Cancellations or changes to your booking must be made via email to to the Shacky admin team.

Please note that Shacky Admin team works from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and are closed weekends and on public holidays. 

When contacting us please make sure to provide the following informations: 

Name ( used for the reservation or booking) 

Email ( used for the reservation or booking) 

Order number or Booking number ( provided with the booking) 

Booking cancellations have to be made by the booker , friend, Family or affiliates trying to cancel a stay won’t be considered unless are notified by original booker in writing via email.

Some properties listed on Shacky may choose amongst the following cancellation policy.

Please make sure to check the cancellation policy your host has chosen and applied for his or her property. 

This information can be found in the property page under the Cancellation policy tab

3 Cancellation policy options

All Cancelation requests have to be provided by writing via e-mail sent to during working hours.

Note that : Instagram/Facebook/SMS cancellation request won’t be considered. 

Cancellation Notice PeriodRefund Amount is based on the notice period prior to the first night of the booking.
Rate OverviewWe do our best to accommodate booking changes but please be aware that cancellation fees do apply.
Date ChangesBooking dates may be changed at least 28 days prior to first night of stay.
Cancellation Feea 5% Admin and payment gateway fee applies to all cancellations 
Within 30 – 14 Days prior to booking start date: 100% refund – Minus 5% cancellation fee 
Within 14 – 7 Days prior to booking start date:50 % refund  – Minus 5% cancellation fee ( Booking will be partially refundable) 
Less than 7 Days prior to booking start date:0% refund ( Booking won’t be refundable) 
No Show0% refund ( Booking won’t be refundable) 

4 Cancellation policy Gift vouchers

 Please Note that Gift vouchers are non-refundable once redeemed  but can be credited back into coupon voucher according to the above cancellation policy.

Gift voucher can be only be refunded to purchaser of the voucher within 28 day of purchase. A 5% refund fee apply, please contact Shacky to assist you. 


Gift Voucher Gift voucher are non-refundable 
Gift Voucher booking Bookings taken using a Gift voucher are non-refundable back to cash

5 Covid Cancellations

We no longer provide assistance with covid related cancellations. Covid cancellation will be processed the same way as a normal cancellation.

Guest may seek to get their own Travel insurance for this purpose.

Shacky will consider last minute cancellations as a no-show and no refunds or rebooks will be offered. 

Another option is to ask for a change of name to the booking and offer it to a loved one, however you are responsible for ant damages that occurs during the stay. Your credit card will be credited in case of any damages or cancellations by your guests. 

You may not resell your booking through other apps and changing name should be only used when offering the stay to a loved one ( Familly member, partner, friend or affiliate). 

5 Covid/ lockdown coupon voucher

 Please Note that Coupon voucher provided during covid-19 lockdown cancellations are non-refundable back to cash once redeemed  but can be credited back into coupon voucher according to the above cancellation policy.

 Please Note that Coupon voucher provided during covid-19 lockdown cancellations are non-refundable back to cash in case of change of mind. 

6 Cancellation policy for "act of god" or "force majeure"

Act of God is a natural hazard outside of human control such as an earthquake, tsunami, Storm, flooding, or nature disaster for which no person can be held responsible. 

Force majeure is when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of any parties such as war, strike, riots, crime , epidemic etc.. 

In the event of an act of god or force majeure, at shacky we do our best to provide our guests with alternative options to their bookings but do not take any direct responsibility for the booking being cancelled. 

Gov Covid Lockdown related cancellations within cancellation policy will only be refunded in credit coupon voucher if applicable, note that no refund provided back in cash or to guest bank account will be provided. 

Weather related or Bush fire Cancellations : if your booking is affected by Weather related circumstances, contact Shacky admin team and or your hosts for alternative cancellation options. Shacky still reserves the right to apply above cancellation policy or request further proofs. 

In the event of Force Majeure Shacky reserve the right to refund the guest only with credit coupon voucher and void refunds through card refund back to user account. 


6 Cancellation by Host or Shacky admin

In the rare event that our host or if shacky may not be able to provide you with your stay and would need to cancel it, we would contact you prior to your arrival time and offer your cancellation options. 

Shacky reserves the right to cancel your booking if deemed needed for safety, comfort, hosting reasons. You will be notified via email and via phone call or sms.