Unique Getaways

It all started with a wild idea.

It all start with a group of like minded friends who wanted to create a unique getaway, seeing that at the time there weren’t many unique offerings they got together and started drafting models on a drawing board, from there the shacky cabin was created. they ran three very successful cabins and started to see that the movement was growing and many more amazing getaways started appearing all around.

Today we see amazing getaways from cabins, to container houses, glamping offerings, tiny houses and many more eco-friendly, unique design , off the grid homes and we’d like to invite them to showcase their unique hidden gems on our platform.

We create shacky.com for our guests to find more unique stays and for our hosts to be part of a growing community of unique getaways.


Plenty of bookings per month

Views per month

Thousands of views per Month

Satisfied guests

Hundreds of satisfied guests


Stephen P

Stephen is our strategic thinker and Big Chief. He has a passion for oceans, travel and freedom. He is often search out new ideas for shacky to adopt and making the guest experience better.


Rebecca M

Rebecca is the mind behind all our guest relations and host engagement, she keeps the booking coming and the guest happy.


Ben B

Ben is our IT guru & consultant , filled with knowledge, many years of experience and great advices, he helps us make our website better on a day to day basis.

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Some of the places we got featured in , amongst many other.

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